JON TICKLE - we salute you

This is a homage to the legend that is Jon Tickle, Ex-Big Brother Housemate, Oboe player, Inventor, Star Wars Guru and confirmed Genius. We wanted Jon to win Big Brother, he didn't. We still love him though. Long live the Tickle.

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Jon Tickle on Blockbusters

I'll have a 'P' please Bob. Ho Ho Ho. "For my sins, I've appeared on Blockbusters. It was great fun to do - they put us up in a four star hotel for a start! I can't remember who the warm up man was (a nobody basically) but we were on strict orders not to spoil his punch lines. This was because he was so bad that he used the same routine each day (and still fluffed it), so not surprisingly each day we would shout along with his routine. I've no idea how the audience put up with it - half the audience was contestants waiting to go on anyway, and the other half was young school kids and grannies. It must have been very boring for them."

I'm the speccy one "We filmed 3 shows in the late afternoon and 2 late at night. It wasn't too bad except that you had to wait half an hour after each half of the show while they played it back and made sure nothing had gone wrong."

"BTW, Bob was a top bloke and had dinner with all the contestants every day and was very chatty. He occasionally fluffed his lines but not too often."

"I met Craig Charles (Dave Lister in RED DWARF) while I was there, as well as the cast to .
Jon Tickle (and yes that is (my twin brother and) me swearing at the end of the show after we had lost!!!)"

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