Selected Bibliography
Sairiesa (Jordan Hill Press, 1999)
American Spoon Indigo (RA, 2003)
Marlowe Bidforth's Backpack Adventure(BBC, 2004)
Morris Telford - A Salopian Odyssey (BBC, 2005)
Covers... that never were - Editing, design and colouring (John Watson, 2011)
Jelhead with Jim Templeton (Jel Books 2011)

Morris Telfords Salopian Odyssey Morris Telford, A Salopian Odyssey - Russell Payne
A paperback edition of "Morris Telford's Salopian Odyssey", based on the 2005 BBC weblog of the same name, is now available on, and on Kindle.

"A welcome surprise, funny, tragic and often confusing."
- The Mill Review 2005

Jelhead Jelhead - Jim Templeton & Russell Payne
Jelhead - Jim Templeton edited by Russell Payne $20

Jim Templeton's poetry is in a constant fluid state, he has been known to change all but the title of a poem at some performances. This collection is a mix of transcripts from various bootleg recordings of performances in the eighties and nineties, and a few more recent readings in London and New York.

Amercian Spoon Indigo Amercian Spoon Indigo - Russell Payne--OUT OF PRINT--

A hard boiled detective thriller with a cutlery bias. In a world where most of the people are made of kitchen utensils, Indigo Spoon is accustomed to taking on the NFC cases no-one else will touch, but the one case he turns down turns out to be the only one that matters. Mickey Spillane meets Douglas Adams meets ..... Button Moon.

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