Jon Tickle - THE LEGEND

JON TICKLE - we salute you

This is a homage to the legend that is Jon Tickle, Ex-Big Brother Housemate, Oboe player, Inventor, Star Wars Guru and confirmed Genius. We wanted Jon to win Big Brother, he didn't. We still love him though. Long live the Tickle.

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With this website we will bring you the IMPORTANT facts about Jon Tickle.

FACT ONE - He should have won Big Brother.

FACT TWO - He went to Avenue Middle School and Earlham High School. In Norfolk.

FACT THREE - He temporarily gave up his data strategy manager job at British Gas to enter Big Brother and compete for the 70,000 prize.

FACT FOUR- He is the cleverest man on earth and since entering the Big Brother house has invented 73 new things.


A toaster with a time delay to allow that second slice to be the perfect buttering temperature. "I don't want to make any money, it is my gift to the world."

A solar powered pool heater using only some hosepipe and a black bin bag.

Star Wars Special Edition - The Merchant of MenaceA radish, lettuce and onion dish that cures all known diseases.

A self inflating neck brace using only four matchsticks and some fluff.

A revolving cake stand that checks Best Before dates and disposes of any old cakes by incinerating them and making them into little cinder eggs that can pick locks.

The wheel.

FACT FIVE - He can play Hockey better than anyone. Ever.

FACT SIX - Each housemate could take just one book into the house, Jon chose 'The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare'. The game's afoot.

FACT SEVEN - He can play the Oboe. Yes, the Oboe.

FACT EIGHT - He should have won Big Brother.

Jon Tickle - THE LEGEND