"Aaaaaaaaaaaah! The Terrible Beauty of the Antelope Masterplan"

Elvis Was An Insect

Elvis was an insect
John Lennon was a bee
Sinatra had six extending limbs
and a tongue that split in three

Verses (To be muttered incoherantly)

(screaming in background)

Elvis Aaron Presley, Born Nineteen Thirty Five
In just another, undercover, big mother, government hive
just one of many wriggling Presleys hatched that day
none of the others had Elvis hips that swayed that special way
(Most didn't even have hips
or eyes or teeth or lips)

Elvis escaped the government hive
his insect powers came alive
he swayed the teenage minds of his day
to his dark yet groovy insect ways
(Those sideburns weren't real you know
they were fashioned to conceal his glowing ear-tendrils)

He was nothing like a hound-dog
more of a cockroach, ant or slug
drank the brains of fans witha special funnel
spent the night in Graceland mucus tunnel
(Met a girl-human and married Priscilla
Who never suspected here husband was an evil insect teenager killer)

He spawned the larvae Lisa-Marie
Faked his death at a concert (Live on TV "The Insect has left the building")
Lost the quiff and the diggers completely
and went to live under the irish sea
(Parked on the sea-bed in a camper van
three miles south-west from the Isle of Man)

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