Jack Kirby montage
A composite image by Russell Payne of legendary comicbook creator and artist Jack Kirby. It looks much better printed up at A2 on a high resolution, click on the image to see a larger version.

The image is composed of thousands of comic covers that Jack drew, taken from scans from my own collection along with a few from the excellent Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center website. Visit them to find out more about Jack Kirby, co-creator of iconic characters such as Captain America, The Avengers, The X-Men, Fantastic Four, the New Gods and many, many more.

management mouthpeice
The Management Mouthpeice strip written and drawn by Russell Payne, published on the DWP Intranet.

John Watson cover recreation coloured by Russell Payne     John Watson's COVERS THAT NEVER WERE coloured and digitally altered by Russell Payne
"Covers.... That Never Were" - Sketchbook.
Art by John Watson
Coloured and edited by Russell Payne.

Marvel and DC artist John Watson booklet from 2011. This was a limited edition print run, but the artist still has some copies left so if you are interested in obtaining one, please get in touch via John Watson's Contact page.

idea light bulb flower thingy

"Light-Bulb Flower" by Russell Payne. Winner of the Idea Street logo competition. Used on t-shirts and websites to promote innovation.


Images produced by Russell Payne for an online Resource Management campaign that never got off the ground.

Self-published Simon

Self-Published Simon. Written by Darrell Till, Art by Russell Payne.



Old Album/EP covers and a poster by Russell Payne for the bands Transparent Souls and Men From Earth.