"Aaaaaaaaaaaah! The Terrible Beauty of the Antelope Masterplan"

The Antelope Masterplan

Mmmmm, They're shaking the roofs
with the thunder of hooves
a thousand horns, a love cloud desert swirl
in a a day from now they're gonna change the world


I had a dream last evening
About a cat called Steven
And two antelopes called Bob and Adrianne

They're putting on a lightshow
so the whole savannah will know
to instigate the antelope masterplan

Bob's been planning it for ages
and the crucial final stage is
the one involving Dan the Faketan Man

Spoken in Bob's voice "The humans think that they don't need us
Hah! Once we replace world leaders
The antelopes will rule the whole shebang"

First fake alien invasion action
to cause worldwide distraction
while we infiltrate the corridoors of power

Newsreader voice, helicopters and sirens in background
"zzzzzthht...strange craft landing outside the Whitehouse
...things...coming out.....
..orange skin..
horns..hooves...many, many legs...zzzzthht"

Swop all the men in suits
with noble minded antelopes
to await Bob's signal and the zero hour

Then the leaders all invite
each other to unite
against the alien horde that's at the door

This pact raises people's hopes
Don't know aliens are antelopes
Feeling fear of death and doom they can't ignore

It all blows over in three weeks
And both savannah and the streets
have this terrible beauty they never had before

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